Sun-protective glasses

The main task of sun-protective lens (toned) is to protect your eyes in the sunshine adequately.

Advantages of high-quality sun-protective glasses.

If a toned lens is of high quality, it has a variety of advantages. Above all, it protects your eyes against harmful ultra-violet radiation. In addition, it increases image brightness and contrast, ophthalmic comfort and mitigates fatigue of the eyes (biological models). And naturally, stylish sun-protective glasses will optimize your face and be attractive element to your image.

Harmfulness of cheap sun glasses.

If sun-protective lenses are of poor quality, they often are not immune to harmful influence of ultra-violet radiation. As a result, dark lens tint enables pupils to dilate due to reduction of light quantity.

If there is no sufficient UV protection, much more harmful radiation strikes the eyes of a person, than he/she can obtain being in the sunshine without sun-protective glasses. This is precisely why cheap sun glasses from street sale have a harmful influence on vision.

Types of lens tint coating.

Sun-protective lens may have three tint types:

  • Main (one colour) – the whole lens is evenly tinted in one colour.
  • Graduated (one colour) – colour intensity decreases downward.
  • Bigradient (two colours) – a lens may be tinted in two colours: one colour in the upper part, another in the lower. Each colour changes its tint for a lighter shade to the lens center.

Doctors of SVIT ZORU recommend buying only physiological models of sunglasses in three colors: gray, black and brown

Which colour will you choose for sun-protective glasses?

Opticians recommend biological models of sun-protective glasses which make an individual tint group represented by three colours - gray, black and brown, each in four shades.

Biological models ensure excellent seeing of natural colours without distortion. They guarantee precise colour mapping of the environment and are ideal for sun-protective glasses.

However, sometimes you would like to have glasses with “non-standard” colour of toning. Nothing’s easier! Place an order with SVIT ZORU for “the tint at customer’s option“. This service makes it possible to dye lenses the colour you choose and is performed on the basis of description of the chosen colour or submitted pattern.

When choosing lens colour for glasses we recommend you to remember that some tint models may have peculiar influence on human psychology, and that their correct fitting may improve ophthalmic comfort when performing certain tasks.

It is important when choosing colour for glasses to bear in mind the following main properties of some colours:


Colour Coloured lenses Colour impact on human psychology
RED Increase contrasting effect of seeing. Often used by fishermen early in the morning and late in the evening. stimulates mental and emotional activity
VIOLET Increase contrasting effect and weaken some background colours. Popular with golfers in cloud conditions. relaxes, calms, contributes to concentration
BLUE Improve vision of green colour on blue background, therefore often used by hunters. Also useful for tennis players, since help to emphasize the ball yellow colour. Used in poor weather conditions and poor lighting. relaxes, calms, contributes to concentration
ORANGE Increase contrasting effect of a picture. For use in poor weather conditions and in poor lighting. Often used by bikers and skiers. has anti-depressant effect, stimulates brain activity, energizes.
GREEN Keep colour balance. Depending on light transmission ability can be used in different illumination. destresses, mitigates fatigue and cures sleep disorder
YELLOIW Increase contrasting effect of seeing. For use by drivers in poor weather conditions and in poor lighting. has anti-depressant effect, stimulates brain activity, energizes.
GRAY Depending on light transmission ability reduce excessive light quantity. Have no effect on contrast. Multi-purpose lenses. neutral
BROWN Improve vision acuity and depth perception. Multi-purpose lenses. neutral
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