Progressive glasses

What is to be done when age-related eye problems arise with both near and distance vision?

One of the options – to use two or three pairs of spectacles for different distances (one pair for reading, the second for a computer and the third for far vision). However you must admit that this gives lots of problems.

The modern optics offers the ideal way out of the situation - progressive glasses.

What are progressive glasses?

Progressive glasses are the most modern device for presbyopy correction.

Progressive eyeglass lenses are classified as multifocal, that is designed for different distance vision in one pair of spectacles.

In the upper part of the progressive lens there is a zone for distance vision used by a patient staring straight before him/her in case of natural head posture.

In the lower part there is a zone for near vision used when it is necessary to lower eyes.

Upper and lower zones are connected by the so called progression channel whose optical power gradually changes (progresses), ensuring clear sight at intermediate distances.

Advantages of progressive glasses.

Progressive glasses have a variety of advantages over other types of glasses for presbyopy correction. When wearing progressive glasses you will obtain excellent vision for different distances and you don’t need to have several pairs of spectacles. In one and the same spectacles you can look through documents, work on the computer, mix with people, go to the theater and so on.

On the outside, progressive lenses are no different from single vision ones (common glasses). For this reason they look more aesthetic and will never give away your age as compared to bifocal glasses having a clear dividing line (window).

In tune with the times!

The doctors of the SVIT ZORU clinic offer the unique new generation of the most recent technology progressive lenses with bilateral progression.

As opposed to lenses with unilateral progression, they have wider zones for far, near and mean distances, higher visual field angle, which is important for driving and sports activities, and much shorter adaptation period.

This is the first progressive lens taking into account the eye anatomy, created on the basis of patented biometric technology.

When a doctor fits you up with progressive lenses, he/she keeps in mind a lot of data about your eyes, such as your habitual reading or work distance, visual habits and ability to write by the left or right hand.

We offer totally universal high-tech lenses at a very reasonable price.

We guarantee:

  • excellent vision at any distance;
  • total ophthalmic comfort;
  • high contrast and clarity of vision;
  • seeing perfectly even on the move;
  • the freedom to assume position during the execution of daily tasks;
  • rapid and easy adaptation.

Having generalized, one can say that using progressive lenses of latest generation, we provide our patients with the unique expected result – high grade of any distance vision.

Only an eye doctor can write out a prescription for progressive glasses after extensive testing of the visual organ. This is a rather complicated procedure requiring depth of the doctor’s experience.

Therefore, as of today the progressive glasses in case of correct lens fitting is the most modern and convenient method of age-related hyperopia correction.

progressive glasses

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