Eye treatment

Eye treatment

At present time there is a wide variety of eye diseases. Actually every person accomplishing 50 years complain of visual problems. Unfortunately, different visual pathologies are often present in young people. In majority of cases patients can get effective eye disease treatment only from a doctor-ophthalmologist.

Diagnostics and eye disease treatment in ophthalmology have many up-to-date equipment. Developed were special ultrasonic devices, surgical microscopes, electrophysiological analyzers, optical coherent and retinal tomographs, which help to implement numerous methods in order to diagnose and provide effective eye disease treatment. It was ophthalmology where first laser facilities found application. With their help doctors-retina specialists successfully provide treatment of eye diseases concerning the retina pathologies: diabetic retinopathy, retina dystrophy, amotio retinae etc.

Patients' high demands with respect to life quality stimulate ophthalmology to develop at a quickened pace using the most advanced present-day scientific achievements.

Eye disease treatment consists of:

  1. Conservative eye treatment:
    • eye treatment using pharmaceutical drugs: eye drops, ointments, injections of medicines. Leading pharmaceutical firms-manufacturers, such as Alcon, Santen, B&L, developed special drops and ointments for eye disease treatment;
    • eyelids massage (used for eyelid blepharitis and demodicosis);
    • physiotherapeutic procedures: electrophoresis with lipase for resolving therapy for haemorhages, magnetotherapy with vitamin complex for a number of ophthalmologic diseases.
  2. Optical correction of refraction anomalies (treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by means of glasses and contact lenses).
  3. Apparatus eye treatment – with the help of devices, which resolve and raise visual acuity, recover binocular vision, improve the visual organ functioning in general and so on (amblyopia, strabismus, myopia).
  4. Surgical eye treatment – by means of operative interventions to the anterior or posterior eye section. From the middle of the 70-ies of the 20th century all ophthalmologic operations are performed under the microscope, therefore they are called microsurgical.
  5. Laser eye treatment – laser coagulation used for diseases of retina and for glaucoma.

Computer-assisted diagnostics and eye treatment at the highest up-to-date level – this is the minimum proposed by the ophthalmologic clinic "SVIT ZORU".

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