Conjunctivitis treatment

Ophthalmologist of the clinic SVIT ZORU examines the anterior part of the eye to determine the cause of inflammation and treat conjunctivitis

The eye mucous membrane is called conjunctiva, it covers as a film the posterior surface of the eyelid and outer surface of the eyeball. Conjunctiva is susceptible to different diseases, mainly of inflammatory character - conjunctivitises. The reasons of conjunctivitises can be different: bacteria, viruses, chlamydiae, dry eye syndrome and so on. There are acute and chronic conjunctivitis.

Progressing eye inflammation - conjunctivitis – becomes apparent due to a number of characteristic symptoms. As a rule, patients complain of eye reddening, certain eyelid swelling, burning sensation and sort of fine foreign bodies in the eyes. All this discomfort is usually accompanied by intense lachrymation, mucous or mucopurulent discharge.

From the viewpoint of ethiology, conjunctivitises present a rather patchy and non-uniform in composition group – infectious, allergic, artifactual. Bacterial conjunctivitis: usually both eyes are contaminated, accompanied by abundant mucous discharge. Viral conjunctivitis, as a rule, affects one eye and is accompanied by tearfulness and imperceptible discharge. Both forms of the disease are very contagious and can be easily passed upon contacts, they are obligatory accompanied by eye reddening. Conjunctivitis often appears as a result of the allergic response to some irritants: farina, dust, smells and others. This form of conjunctivitis also has eye (eyelids) reddening, severe itching and viscous pus discharge.

Inflammation of eyes does not go away on its own. It is necessary to see a doctor-ophthalmologist, who will prescribe the required in each specific case treatment of conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis treatment involves two stages: diagnostic (reveal of the pathogenic agent with simultaneous prescription of symptomatic therapy) and therapeutic as such. After receiving the laboratory test results it is necessary to make certain corrections in the conjunctivitis treatment pertaining to the second stage. Broad spectrum antibiotics are used basically.

In general, conjunctivitis treatment has a complex character. In addition to antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic medicines, the antiallergenic and immunotherapy is prescribed to the patient in order to eliminate the reason of the pathology - its agents and to eliminate eye reddening and other painful consequences. Only then the conjunctivitis treatment can be accepted as correct and effective.

Moreover, for successful healing of eye inflammation, correction of vision defects (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) is required sometimes.

If you noticed any symptoms of conjunctivitis: eye reddening, eyelid swelling, sensation of burning, mucous or mucopurulent discharge – do not try to cure them by themselves. It will only complicate doctor's work and delay the recovery process. Self-treatment can stimulate different complications: development of acute conjunctivitis into chronic one and visual acuity decrement due to inflammation of comea.

At the clinic SVIT ZORU you can get medical advice of a qualified doctor-ophthalmologist, who will determine the reason of eye inflammation and prescribe individual treatment of conjunctivitis.

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