Treatment of vision

After fulfillment of diagnostic procedures the patient will need the consultation of the ophthalmologist, who will analyze the obtained results, establish complete diagnosis and map out adequate treatment of vision. Modern equipment is of paramount importance in diagnostic process, yet the intelligent consultation of the ophthalmologist dominates definitely. Only a highly skilled doctor with a vast practical experience will see the problem as a whole and choose the right treatment of vision with the predictable result.

Notwithstanding that the size of our eyes is only 24 mm, there is a great variety of different ophthalmologic pathologies. Visual analyzer disorders fall into classes. Accordingly, doctors-ophthalmologists have different specializations.

In case if the retina pathology was diagnosticated (dystrophy, pigmental degeneration, detachment, diabetic retinopathy, perforation etc.), the patient will need the consultation of the ophthalmologist – retina specialist. The doctor will conduct specialized examination of the retina (optical coherence tomography, photo of the fundus of the eye, fluorescent angiography etc.) and map out the subsequent treatment of vision. Retina specialists also use the method of laser treatment of the fundus of the eye disorders.

The consultation of the eye surgeon is required for surgical treatment of the eye pathology. Vitreoretinal surgeons are engaged in treatment of the posterior eye segment. Surgeons – cataractologists operate different types of cataract. Surgeon – strabologist is engaged in operative therapy of strabismus.

If you want to examine the eyes of your child – you will need the consultation of the pediatric ophthalmologist because the aetiology of the pediatric eye pathology differs from that of the adults. Pediatric ophthalmologist knows peculiarities of visual analyzer development in children and competently prescribes treatment of vision.

The clinic SVIT ZORU is the specialized ophthalmologic clinic. Doctors-ophthalmologists with extensive knowledge and practical experience work at our clinic. We do our best to render the required ophthalmologic consultation service and to receive the desired result after prescribed treatment of vision.

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