Surgical resection of eyelid papilloma

Eyelid papilloma is a benign neoplasm of epidermis. As a rule papilloma has a thin peduncle, however there are also flat papillomas with a wide peduncle which amputation is more complicated

Papilloma appearance causes.

Papillomas often have virus origin. They may be caused by gynecological and metabolic disorders, stress-inducing states, endocrinopathy when a human immune system is overcome and is unable to cope with a virus infection.

Not only blepharon area can be damaged, other skin areas can be insulted as well. If within a short space of time a great number of papillomas appeared on the body we recommend you to be examined for human papillomavirus.

The main method of treatment is surgical resection of eyelid papilloma.

Which kind of surgery is the most modern?

Presently eye specialists use for papilloma resection radio-wave surgery as the current achievement. Use of a radio-knife has a lot of advantages over usual surgical instruments. Advantages: the method is noncontact, painless, noninvasive and has a high esthetic effect.

Resection of eyelid papilloma is not made by means of laser methods, as contrasted with papillomas on the body.

Why is it cheaper at the cosmetologist's?

Patients often wonder why this procedure is more expensive than the resection of similar papillomas on the body at a facial room. It shall be understood that papillomas in the blepharon area have very thin skin and massive blood supply.

This applies especially to flat papillomas in the area of ciliary margin. If operated in the wrong manner relapse and loss of eyelash bulbs may occur.

Consequently, resection of eyelid papilloma is a very meticulous procedure. It should be made by an eye surgeon with the use of specialized medical device and surgical instruments by which neoplasms are ablated. Then the wound coagulates with the help of thermocautery.

The operation is performed under regional anaesthesia and takes 15-30 minutes.


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