Surgical treatment of strabismus

The ophthalmologic clinic "SVIT ZORU" offers a complex approach in strabismus treatment. The main purpose of strabismus treatment is to restore the eyes correct position and to develop binocular and stereoscopic vision.

Strabismus treatment methods depend on many factors: patient's age, reasons of the emergence of strabismus, its type and degree of deviation. They include occlusion (eye patches), wearing of eyeglasses, apparatus treatment, as well as surgical treatment of strabismus.

Strabismus surgery is aimed at restoration of correct muscular balance. There exist several surgical methods for strabismus correction. Their choice depends on a specific problem muscle and the angle of eyes deviation from general fixation point.

Strabismus surgical treatment consists in weakening of the action of the strong muscle (to which the eye is turned), or, vice versa, in strengthening of the action of the weak muscle, that is the opposite one. The extent and the nature of the intervention are chosen depending on the state of the oculomotor apparatus, strabismus angle and patient's age. In many cases we have to resort to combined operations, both on strong and weak muscles, to interventions to both eyes, surgical treatment of strabismus in several steps.

Strabismus surgery can be conducted both under general and local anesthesia.

After the operation conservative therapy is conducted obligatory aimed at complete rehabilitation of visual functions, and apparatus treatment aimed at recovery and strengthening of binocular vision, or strabismus will recur.

In vast majority of cases (up to 90 %) we succeed in restoring the correct position of eyes. Repeated operations are rare.

Surgical treatment is applied to correct both children's and adult's strabismus. However the functions recovery at a mature age is rather difficult, therefore operative interventions often have cosmetic purpose.

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