Yarova Irina – the pediatric ophthalmologist of the highest category of the clinic SVIT ZORU
Doctor-ophthalmologist of highest category

She has been working at the company since 2005. Her practice as a doctor is 26 years. Specialization: adult and infantile ophthalmology. 

Having a wealth of experience in diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases, she is a master hand at reception of children in particular. Special attention is paid by the doctor to lens fitting, even though she thinks that the patient does not need to leave the ophthalmologist's consulting room spectacled.

Principal directions of her work:

  • diagnostics of eye diseases (reception of children and adults);
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye front segment;
  • spectacle and contact lens vision correction;
  • apparatus treatment (amblyopia, myopia, strabismus).
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