Popova Ulyana – the ophthalmologist of the highest category, retinoliogist of the clinic SVIT ZORU
Doctor-retinologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences

She has been working at the company since 2014. Her practice as a doctor is 22 years. Specialization: ophthalmology, retinology. 

Got professional skills and experience while working in Center of Eye Microsurgery (Kiev), Gelmgoltz Medical Recearch and Development Institute (Moscow), Filatov Institute (Odessa). The doctor is a frequent participant of scientific conferences, congresses and symposia both Ukrainian and International. Received a number of certificates and diplomas in different directions of ophthalmology: age-related macular degeneration; treatment and prophylaxis of glaucoma; neuroophthalmology; minimally invasive techniques of plastic surgery; diagnostics and treatment of tumors of the eye; optometry and contact correction and others. Since 2007 – the member of the Society of Ophthalmologists of Ukraine.

Dr. Popova received appreciation from Ukrainian Peace Fund and Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine for achievements in professional activities, personal contribution into health care and intensive charity activities.

Principal directions of her work:

  • diagnostics of any pathologies of retina;
  • laser and conservative treatment of dystrophies, retinal tears and separations;
  • laser and conservative treatment of diabetes eye complications (diabetic retinopathy);
  • glaucoma combined treatment;
  • diagnostics and treatment of neoplasms of eye.
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