Khvostenko Oksana – the pediatric ophthalmologist of the highest category, ophthalmologist-surgeon of the clinic SVIT ZORU
Doctor-ophthalmologist of highest category

She has been working at the company since 2014. Her practice as a doctor is 21 years. Specialization: infantile ophthalmology.

Having a wealth of experience in treatment of eye diseases, most of his professional activity dedicated pediatric ophthalmology. Since 2003 is a member of the Association of children ophthalmologists of Ukraine, and since 2003 - member of the European Association of strabologists.

The doctor is a practicing surgeon. She combines the acquired experience and modern methods in order to achieve good results in pediatric ophthalmology surgery.

Principal directions of her work:

  • diagnostics of eye diseases;
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye front segment;
  • surgery: halyazion, strabismus, ptosis, epicanthus, eyelid surgery, etc .;
  • apparatus treatment.
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