Pediatric Vision Diagnostics

Pediatric ophthalmologist of clinic SVIT ZORU holds one survey of the comprehensive diagnosis - the anterior eye biomicroscopy with a slit lamp

Pediatric vision diagnostics is a core ingredient of pediatric examination. Children's eye tests should be performed in the recommended periods, in accordance with stages of development of visual analyzer of a child. Early pediatric vision diagnostics can help your child cope with the majority of vision system disorders. In addition, pediatric vision diagnostics gives an opportunity to parents to receive answers to all questions concerning the eyes of their kids as well as recommendations as to their future vision.

Children's eye tests require more procedures as compared to adult diagnostics, which allows to examine the visual organ more thoroughly, taking into account age peculiarities. Pediatric vision diagnostics at the clinic SVIT ZORU is made using modern equipment of the world leading manufacturers.

  • Distance visual acuity testing is made in children after age 3 using a chart panel.
  • Near visual acuity testing.
  • Eye location by the method of Girshberg, general motility, convergence and movement dissociation.
  • Binocular and stereoscopic vision by software-based computer method.
  • Refractometry (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, anisometropia) is determined using an auto kerato-refractometer.
  • Assessment of intraocular pressure by palpation of the eyeglobe and using a non-contact pneumotonometer.
  • The anterior segment (conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, eye-lens) is examined using a slit lamp.
  • Fundus of the eye examination is performed using pupil-dilating eye drops. Determined is the condition of discus nervi optici, vessels, macula and peripheral retina.
  • A sciascopic test, which determines real refractive indexes, is carried out after a pupil was widened.

The above list of procedures is basic. Children's eye tests sometimes require supplementary checkups:

  • Anterior-posterior axis of eye – А-scanning of eye with the aim of determining the sizes, the length of the ocular anterior chamber, the thickness of the crystalline lens and vitreous humor.
  • Checkup of color perception and color sensitivity with the help of Rabkin tables.
  • In case of strabismus, angle detection through the use of prism compensators КК-42.
  • Diagnostics of squint angle and fusional reserves using a synoptophore.
  • Computer perimetry – functional status of amphiblestrodes using 10 computer programs.
  • OCT – optical coherence tomography in order to determine congenital anomalies of the central retina (macula) and Mariotte blind spot.
  • Fundus of the eye photo in the presence of chorioretinal foci, pigmented naevuses and other anomalies.
  • Diagnosis of dry eye syndrome with the help of Schirmer's test.

Pediatric vision diagnostics at the ophthalmologic clinic SVIT ZORU is conducted in the atmosphere of comfort and convenience for you and your child. Highly skilled pediatric eye doctors have great practical experience of work with children and know children's psychology. Due to them, children's eye tests turn from boring diagnostic procedures into an interesting game.


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