Apparatus eye treatment

Laser biostimulation  is carried out using special equipment and is aimed at the removal of spasm of the ciliary muscle in the clinic SVIT ZORU

Pediatric eye treatment has a complex character and is chosen individually for every little patient with due consideration of peculiarities of his/her visual organ. It is in childhood that it is easiest to cope with the majority of diseases of the vision system without surgical interventions. Pediatric eye treatment depends much on early diagnostics and eye specialist's proper recommendations.

Modern ophthalmology uses a vast number of types, methods and technologies to cure visual organ pathologies. Apparatus eye treatment holds a special place in pediatric ophthalmology.

Apparatus eye treatment in pediatrics is used for prevention and conservative therapeutic treatment of amblyopia, different types of crossed eyes, progressive myopia, spasm of accommodation, degeneration of retina, optic atrophy and other disorders. At the ophthalmologic clinic SVIT ZORU such treatment is performed in the special room in the form of a game by specially trained staff (orthoptists). Apparatus eye treatment in pediatrics is prescribed as a course of 5 or 10 sessions. A course of treatment is formed individually for every child, taking into account peculiar features of his/her disease. Apparatus eye treatment in pediatrics allows to obtain more steady results than in adults.

The nurse makes apparatus eye treatment for each individual patient in order to achieve a better result of treatment in the clinic SVIT ZORU

Apparatus eye treatment in pediatrics:

  1. Laser stimulation is based on the action on the eye structures by the low intensity beam. As a consequence, microcirculation and metabolic processes and nutrition of ocular tissues improve, and tissue immunity becomes more intense. Ciliary muscle spasm is removed.
  2. Program "Flower" – this computer program is used to treat amblyopia of mild and moderate degree, however its first level can be used in treatment of high degree amblyopia. Applied from the age of 4-5.
  3. Program «Ouch» - designed for diagnostics and treatment of amblyopia and crossed eyes, recovery and development of binocular vision.
  4. Program «Cross» - is the game stimulator for amblyopia treatment. Applied from the age of 3.
  5. Program «Plover» - designed for diagnostics of disorders of binocular stereo vision and functional treatment of binocular disturbances.
  6. Program «Spider» - used for amblyopia treatment.
  7. Synoptophore – the device to treat crossed eyes and other types of binocular vision disturbance. It allows to perform a complex of medical trainings by means of which two images merge into one. It trains and develops human fusional reserves, improves general ocular motility.
  8. Device "Streamlet" — its action is based on training the accommodation mechanism. Used in treatment and stabilization of nearsightedness, accommodation spasmolysis, for mitigation of fatigue when working with a computer and as postoperative rehabilitational measure.
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