Ectropion (eversion of eyelids), entropion

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Eversion of eyelids – is malposition of one or both eyelids when eyelid margin lags behind the eyeball or turns outwards, in consequence of which the conjunctiva of twisted outward.

Eversion of eyelids can be spastic, paralytic, age related and cicatricial.

Spastic eversion of eyelids occurs as a result of the contraction of the orbital part of the eye orbicular muscle (often in case of acute and chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis).

Paralytic eversion of eyelids affects the lower lids only and occurs in case of facial palsy.

Age related ectropion appears as a result of weakness of the eye orbicular muscle.

Cicatricial ectropion is formed due to the eyelid tissue contraction after injuries, burns, and other pathological processes in the area of eyelids (tuberculosis of bones of the orbit, tumors, ulcerative blepharitis, etc.)

In the initial stages of ectropion is slightly behind of the lid margin from the eyeball. In apparent cases, the lid margin and almost all of the mucosa turned outward, the eyelid margin sometimes is located at the edge of the orbit. Eversion of eyelids causes tearing, which leads to eyelid tissue maceration. Inverted conjunctiva dries, hypertrophies and takes on the character of the epidermis. Diagnosis is based on the characteristic clinical picture.

Prevention is the timely treatment of the underlying disease, a thorough treatment of wounds century.

Treatment. – In case of cicatricial ectropion produced a variety of plastic surgery, the essence of which is to remove all scars and skin closure of the defect. Treatment of paralytic ectropion and old - is also surgical. In spastic ectropion conduct treatment aimed at eliminating its causes.

The prognosis for a favorable view. Achieving the cosmetic effect and restore functions slezootvedeniya depends on the type and degree of inversion, as well as the timeliness and accuracy of surgical treatment.

Entropion – an anomaly situation in which the ciliary margin faces the eyeball, leading to the emergence of its irritation and inflammation of the cornea. The most common age of volvulus occurs in the elderly.

Isolated spastic entropion eyelids, and the old scar.

Entropion century largely eliminated by surgery. The operation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Spastic entropion eyelids is most common in children and is eliminated by a conservative.

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