Radio-wave method

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Radio-wave surgery is the current achievement of radiophysics and medicine, which appeared in the last quarter of the 20th century. This unique noncontact method of soft tissue cutting is based on the property of the body tissues to evaporate under the influence of high-frequency waves, generated by a radio-wave knife. The tissues neither are cut as by a scalpel, nor are burnt as by a laser, but they dispart without a physical contact with a radioknife. Heat energy in tissues, generated under influence of high-frequency waves, promotes congelation of underlying blood vessels. Consequently, radio-wave surgery makes possible to operate painlessly, gentle on sound tissues, at minimum bleeding risk, avoiding postoperative complications. This technology was accorded wide recognition in different medical specialties.

Ophthalmology did not stay on the sidelines. Surgery using a radio-wave knife is currently considered the most modern method of erasion of lid skin and conjunctiva benign neoplasms such as papilloma, atheroma, cystis etc. Use of a radioknife is particularly true in case of erasion of viral papillomas: this method prevents seeding of nearby tissues and viral shedding, thus reducing the likelihood of the disease recurrence. If blepharon papilloma is in the ciliary line, then the use of the radio-wave surgery method reduces considerably the chance of ciliary bulb injury due to high manipulation precision.

Benefits of radio-wave surgery:

  • Noncontact tissue cutting.
  • Painlessness, since owing to congelation of nerve endings in the wound the analgesic effect is achieved.
  • Complete control of hemostasis during the operation and minimum risk of post- operative bleeding due to congelation of underlying blood vessels.
  • Aseptic wound repair: radiated radiowaves produce a sterilizing effect. Consequently, inflammatory reaction of tissues is not found, as well as risk of infectious complications, such as post-operative wound pyogenesis, is decreasing.
  • Angenesis takes place without rough scarring and necrosis. It helps to achieve a high cosmetic effect.
  • Accelerated healing, since radiosurgery method of treatment reduces significantly the time of tissue epithelialization.
  • Cut out tissue is scarcely damaged, which increases accuracy of subsequent histologic study of surgical substance.
  • The operation is performed at a quick pace.
  • Complications and recurrences are very rare.

This type of surgery is ambulatory and does not need hospitalization. It is performed under local anesthesia. Relative contradiction – presence of cardiostimulator in a patient (reasonable care should be taken).

In summary it can be said that the radio-wave surgery method secures high medicinal, functional and cosmetic effects.

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