Painful investigations and surgery of children are performed under anesthesia. Anesthesiologist is responsible for the process of pain control and sustention of the organism vital functions during narcosis.

The SVIT ZORU Clinic uses the anesthesia service method recommended by the World Anesthesiologist Association, as the most secure during head and neck surgery.


What are the advantages?

Endotracheal anesthesia enables to ptotect breathing passages to the maximum and to control respiratory function throughout the course of surgery. Sevofluran, anesthetic gas of latest generation, manufactured by the famous American Abbott Corporation is used for anesthesia ensuring quick and comfortable falling asleep and recovery.


We essentially stopped using ketamine drug in our practice owing to pronounced hallucinogenic effect and ability to block for months long-term memory of adults and children. We share the opinion of our colleagues about possibility to use this drug for the main indication in emergency surgery and veterinary medicine.

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